Dork Unit (Hacksaw Gaming) Review

"Dork Unit" is a bright and cheerful game from Hacksaw Gaming studio, which differs from their usual, darker style. The game attracts with its light and joyful theme, inspired by clown images and reminiscent of a children's TV show, creating an atmosphere of fun and magic.

At the centre of the story are three clowns, Tiny Timmy, Heavy Hector and Long Lenny, who play a key role in the game mechanics. At the heart of the mechanics are three levels of wild multipliers, which help players to collect winning combinations and trigger special features such as re-spins with wild symbols sticking, increasing the potential for big wins.

A unique feature of Dork Unit is the Dork Spins bonus round, in which players can take advantage of up to three sticking wild symbols on each of the reels. Each such symbol comes with a clown multiplier that changes with each spin. This round not only increases the chances of winning, but also adds even more excitement and fun to the game.

General infor about Dork Unit

Dork Unit на BC

"Dork Unit" by Hacksaw Gaming, offered on BC.GAME, is a unique slot machine, the statistical characteristics of which should be considered before playing. An important indicator is the return to player ratio (RTP), which is 94.3%. This value shows the theoretical percentage of bets returned to players over the long haul. Although an RTP of 94.3% is average for the gaming industry, it should be remembered that this is a long-term indicator, and the results of individual sessions can vary greatly.

The game's variance is rated as medium, which suggests a balanced mix of frequent small wins and less frequent large payouts. Slots with this variance usually offer the best combination of fun and stability in payouts, making them suitable for players with moderate risk preferences.

Another significant indicator is the frequency of prizes falling out, which at Dork Unit is around 30.96%. This percentage reflects the probability of winning combinations during the game. With such a prize frequency, players can expect relatively regular winnings, thus providing a more exciting and dynamic gaming experience.

Paytable and bet sizes

The "Dork Unit" slot from Hacksaw Gaming, available at BC.GAME, offers players the opportunity to bet in a wide range from $0.10 to $100, making the game accessible to a variety of budgets. The game features 10 main symbols, which include both fruit and card images. These include strawberries, apples, carrots, lemons, cherries, and cards from 10 to aces. Combinations of three to five card symbols will bring players modest payouts from 0.1x to 2x of their bet. Fruit symbols such as cherries, lemons, carrots, apples and strawberries offer higher payouts when combinations of three or more symbols are formed, with odds ranging from 0.5x to 10x the bet.

A special feature of the game is the three types of gift boxes that can substitute for any other winning symbols on the reels, and collecting five of these boxes will bring a payout of 10x your bet. The scatter symbol in the game is represented by Lenny the clown and can appear anywhere on the playing field, activating the bonus game. Thanks to these features, Dork Unit is an exciting and varied slot that offers players numerous winning opportunities.

Specifics of Dork Unit

"Dork Unit" by Hacksaw Gaming is an exciting slot with moderate volatility, offering players a unique clown show on 5×4 format reels with 16 paylines. The game stands out for its dynamics and promises significant winning potential.

One of the outstanding features of "Dork Unit" is the three levels of wild multipliers in the form of gift boxes, which can reach impressive multipliers of up to x200. In the game, these wild symbols not only help to form winning combinations, but can also become "sticky" during the gift box bonus round by providing special respins. This feature prolongs game sessions and increases the chances of big wins.

The 'Dork Spins' bonus round brings an additional element of exciting excitement to the game by providing up to three reels with 'sticky' wild symbols, each accompanied by a random multiplier on each spin. This round raises the emotional quotient and increases the potential for big wins.

For excitement seekers, "Dork Unit" offers a maximum win of 10,000x your bet. This significant potential payout gives players the opportunity to earn big rewards during gaming sessions, making "Dork Unit" an attractive option for slots enthusiasts.


In Dork Unit, the gift box symbols act as multipliers and offer different levels of payout increases depending on the type of box. Here's how these multipliers work:

If multiple gift boxes appear on a winning line, their multipliers add up before applying a multiplier to the payout. This means that players have the chance to significantly increase their winnings when multiple boxes appear on the reels at the same time. This feature makes the game even more exciting and opens up the potential for big wins.

Gifts drop and sticky Wild

When three gift boxes fall in a single spin, the unique Gift Bonanza feature is activated. The boxes that trigger this feature stay in place, making the reels sticky, and the player receives three free spins. Any new gift boxes that appear during the Gift Bonanza also become sticky and reset the number of free spins to three, again activating the Gift Bonanza feature. Payouts for wins occur after each spin. The bonus round ends if no more new gift boxes appear after three spins.

Dork Spins

Lenny the Clown in Dork Unit acts as a scatter symbol, and when three of these symbols appear on the reels during a single spin, the player gets ten free spins. During these free spins, if Lenny appears on the reels two, three or four times, he turns the entire reel into a Dork unit for the duration of the bonus round. The multipliers on these Dork reels are Tiny Timmy (2x-4x), Heavy Hector (5x-20x) and Long Lenny (25x-200x).

Bonus Buy

"Dork Unit" provides the opportunity to purchase bonuses with three different options that can be activated at an additional cost. The "Pins" feature ensures that a special unit appears on the next spin, which can bring extra coins and prizes. The "Gift Bonanza" mode rewards players with gifts for each combination of three identical symbols. In turn, "Dork Spins" gives players ten free spins with an increased number of extra wild symbols, improving the chances of winning.


"Dork Unit", created by Hacksaw Gaming, is an unexpectedly light and carefree game. It has a spirit of childlike naivety, which may seem uncharacteristic for a studio famous for its horror games. Nevertheless, the game offers a chance to relax and enjoy the light gaming environment before diving back into making darker and scarier games that can scare players.

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